Meet these entrepreneurs shaping the fabric of Dennis Village and beyond.

by Janice Randall Rohlf

Photographs by Julia Cumes

A3 Architects – Alison Alessi

Last year, A3 Architects was named Best of Boston Sustainable Architect for 2021, with the selection panel citing A3’s ability to “balance energy efficiency with show-stopping aesthetics in every project it undertakes.” Alison Alessi, a Princeton and MIT graduate who has practiced architecture since 2007, founded the full-service firm 10 years ago. In their work at A3, she and architect Meghan O’Reilly are committed to net-zero design and pursue energy-efficient projects across the Cape and Islands, and beyond. 

“It was just the two of us for many years and, even though we’ve expanded a little recently, we’re still small,” shares Alessi, LEED AP and Certified Passive House Consultant. “We try to really focus on projects with energy efficiency and have been lucky to do that.” Alessi often collaborates with her husband, Jason Stoots, owner and founder of SunPower by E2 Solar, which designs and installs exceptionally efficient, low-maintenance, long-lasting solar energy systems.

The fact that A3 is based out of a charming Greek Revival house in Dennis Village is more than happenstance. “Village centers on [Route] 6A, like this one, really resonate with me,” says Alessi. “As an architect, you always want to be in these little places.” With a post office, sandwich shops, design business collaborators, a furniture store, and more, Dennis Village suits Alessi perfectly.   

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