by Lannan M. O’Brien 

Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis is known to create fun cocktail recipes incorporating its brews, and for assistant retail and taproom manager Alyssa Dunn, the pale, spicy, fruity Cape Cod Summer—a traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen—was the perfect match for her spin on a classic Bee’s Knees cocktail, which she cleverly renamed for its new ingredient. “Utilizing the notes of banana and clove (unique to the Hefeweizen), it was almost a no-brainer to add to this cocktail to round out the flavors of honey and lemon,” Dunn says of the creation.

Grab the seasonal beer at the brewery, which is now open Thursday through Monday, or at your local liquor store, and you will be ready to enjoy the sweet, cool taste of summer in your very own beer cocktail.

The Beer’s Knees

Cup: 10 ounces


1.5 ounces gin

0.5 ounces honey syrup*

Splash lemon juice

Top with ground ginger (optional) and a lemon wheel

*To make honey syrup, combine one part honey with one part hot water. Stir until combined. Keep refrigerated (it’s great for cooking, too!).

Combine all ingredients in a shaker cup with ice. Shake, pour liquid and ice into a 10-ounce lowball glass and top with Cape Cod Summer Ale. Garnish with ground ginger on top and a lemon wheel.

Photo: Alyssa Dunn

Cape Cod Beer

1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis

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