If you’re debating between a pool and a hot tub, a plunge pool might be what you are looking for.

A plunge pool is a small, deep pool that is about 13 feet by 7 feet and typically 5 feet deep. “We believe that is the sweet spot for plenty of room to move, swim, and submerge your entire body in water,” says Karen Larson, who owns Soake® Pools with her husband Brian Larson. 

Self-confessed “plunge pool purists,” Larson says, she and her husband fell in love with the smaller pools while on vacation. “We were enjoying a plunge pool that was just beautiful and well done, so we decided to look into installing one in our backyard,” says Karen. After searching for a local company to do the work, the couple came away empty handed. “We saw the need for a small pool product that was high-end quality with earthy finishes that wasn’t overly expensive, so we built the product for ourselves.”

Seven years after establishing Soake Pools, the Larsons have sold hundreds of pre-cast plunge pools to clients across the United States. Soake Pools are made in New England using state-of-the-art materials. All pools are customizable and delivered pre-built, fully tiled, and ready to install, which is cost effective and saves time on installation.

If you’re revamping the backyard this summer, here are a few benefits of adding a plunge pool to your outdoor oasis.


For more information about Soake Pools, visit— soakepools.com

A Pool for Year-Round Enjoyment

Soake Pools use a saltwater filtration system and can be cool in the summer and heated in the winter, which offers a unique experience for homeowners. “We hear from clients that their pool has changed the way they live, especially in winter,” says Larson. She says many first-time plunge pool owners find themselves spending more time outside in colder months because they have a place to go and disconnect. “They’ve discovered how amazing it is to get outside and look up at the stars while submerged in warm water.”

Smaller Size Means Greater Benefits

With a reduced footprint, plunge pools use less water and don’t require as much maintenance as traditional pools. They are also more cost effective and don’t overcrowd backyards, which leave room to design outdoor living spaces. “Many of our clients also want a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, so a small pool allows the space and budget to have all of these things,” says Larson.

A Time-Honored Amenity

Plunge pools aren’t a new concept. “If we go back to the days of the Roman Baths, we find very large plunge pools that were intended for communal use,” says Larson. By the 1700s, the mini pools that we think of today began popping up in northern Europe. “The Europeans have known about the advantages of small personal plunge pools for over two hundred years,” she says. “Today, all across the countryside of France and England, one can find tiny plunge pools behind the charming cottages.” 

For more information about Soake Pools, visit — soakepools.com

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