Where are your favorite places to take photos?
Nantucket. The beautiful beaches and landscapes are endless. 

What is your preferred camera?
Canon 5dsr for my landscape. I also use a Canon 5d iii and a Canon 7d ii. My workhorse lens is my Canon 24-105 ii f4 but my favorite lens is my Canon 70-200 ii f 2.8. 

What’s been the most exciting moment you’ve experienced while shooting?
One morning I went to Madaket for a sunrise shoot. The water was calm with a few boats docked. I always survey the scene and create multiple images in my head before even reaching for my camera. That is when I saw two sailboats moving gracefully on the calm water. I immediately grabbed my camera and tripod because the sun was about too grace us with its warm and beautiful light. I shot about 30 images as the light changed and as the boats changed position. My photograph “New Beginning” is from this day.


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