Ken Tailor

Hyannis —

Local Designer: KENARD SMITH

Photographs by Derrick Zellmann

Models from Signed Management:   Ava D. , Harper R., Kam B., Milo B.

Makeup: Andrea Kooharian Makeup

Production: Eric Brust-Akdemir & Fatih Akdemir

Location: The Cape Playhouse, Dennis

Ava D.

Fall with a touch of summer! This outfit is perfect for sightseeing on vacation or brunch with friends. A combination of fall colors and designs, with a sleek silhouette. Made from reclaimed, second-hand fabrics. What was once an accessory for windows is now wearable fashion. Waist Patterned Shirt – $98 Green Thigh Skirt – $75

Kam B.

Cropped KT Hoodie — Looking for a year-round jacket? This lightweight hoodie is your answer! The oversized jacket features a “Ken Tailor” puff print across the back. A breathable piece, with hand-stitching on the front and hem. Perfect for heading out to a morning workout or a night out in the city. $355

Milo B.

Two-Way Puffer — Talk about a statement jacket! On one side, blue-and-white hashed-line linens form a nice winter piece. On the other side, bronze-orange silk fabric can be dressed up however you feel. Accessorized with a two-sided gold zipper. $480

Milo B.

Cross Denim — Made with recycled denim pants of different shades of blue. Sliced and cut into 32” x 34” pants. Elastic with button waist. $158

Harper R.

Corduroy Letterman — A take on the letterman jacket but with a slightly different fabric choice. “Cuff me before it’s too late” simply means to enter into a relationship. “Cuffing season” refers to winter, when you want to snuggle with someone while it’s cold outside. This jacket is made from the combination of two corduroy pants in burgundy and olive green colorways, with custom stitched letterman patches, purple silk lining, and yellow for the hem and cuff trim. $385

Hyannis —


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