A Conversation with Steve Daley,
owner of Cape Cod Retractable.

After 30 years in high-tech industries, Steve Daley was ready for a career change, and in 2006, he launched Cape Cod Retractable, a business specializing in awnings, hurricane shutters, and motorized screens and shades. All of Cape Cod Retractable’s products are custom designed to withstand heat and gusty winds. Also, the company services and supports all types of brands and products in addition to its own products.


Cape Cod Retractable
508-539-3307; ScreensNShutters.com
9 Jonathan Bourne Drive, Unit 2, Pocasset 

What caused you to make such a big career change?

I worked in computer sales and had positions at Exxon Technologies, NCR, and Digital Equipment Corp. In 1989, I started my own technology firm, Resource Development Computers, and I ran the company for 20 years. The 2006 shift from “high-tech” to “no-tech” was purposeful—I yearned to get out of the office and enjoy the wonderful outdoors of beautiful Cape Cod where my wife, Sarah, and I now live. When we were raising our family in Milton, we often vacationed in Cape Cod and fell in love with the area over the years. With Cape Cod Retractable, I travel all over the Cape and islands as well as the South Shore.

How should clients get started with Cape Cod Retractable?

An in-person consultation is an important component of the company’s model. A team member comes out to a property, takes measurements, and then recommends specific types and sizes of products that will benefit the client over the long haul. 

Why should Cape Codders consider retractable awnings for their outdoor spaces?

We are the leading supplier for retractable awnings on Cape Cod, the islands, and southeastern Massachusetts. All of the high-quality products we offer include excellent warranties from both us and our manufacturers. We pay attention to all the details from the first call to the installation and beyond. 

What are the most popular awnings for homeowners on the Cape and islands?

The Cape being a very breezy environment, our awnings are well-built and perform well in wind. The wireless wind sensor, which is used on motorized awnings, has helped many clients because it closes their awning when the wind picks up, so that it doesn’t incur any damage.

What does Cape Cod Retractable offer?

We provide initial consultation at the customer’s home or place of business and provide a free measurement of the area they are looking for a product for. We provide detailed pricing and options available on all products as well as our own installers that not only install but service all our products before, during, and after the sale.

What type of fabric do you use?

The typical awning you see is an acrylic-woven fabric. Most people are familiar with Sunbrella’s products, and its fabric is installed on most awnings. The reason why buyers can be confident that they are getting a quality fabric is that it would include a 10-year warranty from Sunbrella against any defects in the fabric or fading of the fabric for the first 10 years. Typically, with some reasonable amount of care and cleaning, awning fabrics last upwards of 20 years before needing to be replaced with new fabric.

Why should homeowners consider a motorized awning? What are some of the benefits?

Many of today’s buyers purchase motorized awnings as they are incredibly easy to use and operate. Users want something that is easy to use, and the convenience of a motor makes it more enjoyable experience. Motors allow even the kids to operate it simply without difficulty. The motors on today’s awning products are extremely reliable, and the newest motors include a seven-year warranty from the manufacturer if they fail. But our experience is that most awning motors last between 15 and 20 years before most problems occur.

Tell us a little more about yourself and what you like to do for fun.

I am an avid golfer. I enjoy time on the links. Recently, my wife and I have taken up a new hobby: traveling to Auckland, New Zealand, to spend time with our first grandchild, Amelia Rose (Amy for short). Our little Kiwi will turn two in May. For the time being, we see her every week on FaceTime and look forward to an in-person visit as soon as we are able!  

Cape Cod Retractable
508-539-3307; ScreensNShutters.com
9 Jonathan Bourne Drive, Unit 2, Pocasset 

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